Practice makes Perfect

I have been very busy for the last three years. Firstly, during the student years I have neglected my family and I am making time to repair my relationships. Secondly, I had to do something to pay for the mountains of student debt. Thirdly it is important to plan and provide for Elzabe and me during retirement.

I have not been employed for over thirty five years, and that in itself is a miracle. I cannot tell you how many times I have taken the last R 29, 00 out of my wallet to pay salaries (some off you will remember taking coke bottles to the shop for refunds). God has always been there and we have never been hungry and always had a warm bed to sleep in. This brings me to doing this web-page.

I have lots to say about entrepreneurship and my life’s experiences as an entrepreneur and as and academic. But in my day to day life, I speak to people that does not want to hear what I have to say. They might be tired of my message, I don’t know, it might just be BS, or it is the wrong audience. Either way, I am writing for my own pleasure, read it, don’t read it.

I have not written formally after my Masters and my Doctorate dissertation. Academic writing is time consuming, costly and in my case it does not support my career / future. Academic writing is often supported by Academic institutions and as much as I desired an Academic career, I live in the BEEE South Africa where reversed racism is ok. In spite of this disappointment, I make a good living. I live on the beautiful Eastern Cape coastline, I have a wonderful and supportive wife, lots of friends, I get to play with my outdoor toys (before Corona Lockdown) and I see my kids often.

I have been involved in educating and developing entrepreneurs from school kids to post-graduate students. They gave me hope in what is often a hopeless and entitled society. As both an Entrepreneurship Scholar and Business Person I am an active voice and firm believer that many of South Africa’s problems can be solved by the entrepreneurs. Sadly, entrepreneurship is not a priority on the South African Governments agenda, and as such, even pre Corona Virus, we keep slipping further and further away from the creative and opportunistic space.  

I no longer want to live in a sugar coated reality where everybody is so politically correct in public and want to stab each other behind the scenes. To contribute to entrepreneurship, and the related sciences, it is important to understand that market segmentation, our people’s habits, politics and religion contributes to the way they see products and services. Here I might step over the line sometimes. To my mind, we need a giant soapbox, where anyone can say their say while the rest of us listen. If you are sensitive to the point where you cannot talk about, or laugh at yourself, you will not learn to tolerate others. If you don’t tolerate and open yourself to others, you very definitely will not be able to do business with them/us.

Sadly, I have to admit that I am not perfect (I have a few other imperfections we are not discussing now). I don’t write because I am embarrassed when I get it wrong. I am a bit dyslexic and my thinking is often all over the place (maybe a sign of my brilliance?). Unlike my other educated friends, I struggle with spelling and sentence building, I get many of the of/off, to/too, their/there, live/life (and other words) wrong.

My mother thought I did not read enough. That is not true, I have my own library, and you will not get a masters or doctorate without reading/writing lots and lots. If a dyslexic can get a doctors degree (in part thank you to the excellent proof-readers, thank you John and Des), he can do anything he believes. I want to write, you can read it, you are welcome to disagree and build arguments, and I will even publish it on my page. Among other things, we need a sense of humor if we want to survive the Corona virus and the economic disaster that will follow after that. I want to encourage academic argument in spite of our sensitivity to race, gender, religion etc. As a rule of thumb, I am not worried if I offend you. Like my friends say I do have a tendency to talk over people, but I am happy to hear their side. I have no political affiliation, I believe Entrepreneurs (not politicians) can fix the economy and create jobs. I have strong daughters and a wife with a career, I believe that woman should be free to decide where they want to fit in in both business and at home. My worldview is shaped by combination of Christian Faith and mostly Capitalism.